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How To Make The Juiciest Burger By RJ’s Meats

A juicy RJ’s Meats burger is a better tasting burger. A great burger isn’t just a mouthful of meat, but also the condiments that complement it.

Use this recipe from RJ’s Meats to create something special, whether you’re grilling it up yourself or getting your favorite grill master to do it for you.

Though we love our chicken, the best burgers are beef, and we’ve got you covered with our Triple B Patty and Quarter Pounders.

Using The Best Beef For Burgers

To make the best burgers, you need the best ground beef – lucky for you, we’ve got exactly that. RJ’s Meats uses fresh, never frozen beef in our grinds. So when it comes to making a big juicy burger patty? Well, we know better than most that the key ingredient is always freshly ground beef.

The Beef We Use For Our Patties

We use all natural beef. We grind that beef fresh daily using only whole cuts from the most exclusive cattle. That means every single patty is made using nothing but 100% whole cuts of lean, tender beef. In fact, a quick look at the grind will tell you that it’s a healthy combination of different cuts including chuck, round and sirloin.

A perfect balance means it comes together to make burgers with just the right texture – not too chewy or tough, but also not thin or flimsy. Just perfectly juicy.

RJ’s Meats provides the kind of beef you can eat every day without feeling guilty because it’s 100% wholesome and free from additives, fillers and extenders. It’s pure ground beef – nothing more, nothing less. That means immense flavor with each bite, just like our Triple B Patty.

Making The Juiciest Burger… From Scratch!

There are tons of ways to make a juicy burger, but the easiest and most reliable is simply buying our quality ground beef from RJ’s Meats. Our method? Start with a recipe that utilizes our fresh-ground beef, then add a selection of signature toppings – ketchup, mustard, and cheese.

Tip: Be sure to prepare your toppings before preparing the patties. We recommend doing this in an assembly line fashion. That way you’ll be organized and able to create a speedier eating experience for everyone!

1) The Patty Preparation: Get Seasoning Flowing

The key ingredient behind a delicious burger is seasoning it to create the maximum amount of flavor. Sprinkle your favorite seasoning it onto your beef, use your hands to distribute it evenly, then give the patty another light coating for good measure.

2) The Patty Preparation: Shape It Up!

After seasoning, pat the meat into a nice round disc. Try using a 6 ounce balling cup to help shape it into an even thickness of about 1/2 inch or so.

Tip: Use your favorite burger press for this step – if you’ve got one then by all means, use it.

3) Patties On The Grill!

Preheat your grill to at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit before cooking the burgers. These patties are meant to be juicy so, if you are using a gas grill, make sure you’re preheating for longer than usual. This will help give each patty time to develop more flavor from the seasoning.

The Grill-To-Coating Connection!

After you’ve added your toppings to each patty, fire up that grill again – this time to about 400 degrees. Place the burgers on a greased/oiled cooking surface and let them cook for 5 minutes before flipping. After another few minutes, slide them onto a lightly greased, oiled surface and top each of them with about 1/2 ounce of cheese.

A Final Touch: Finish With The Cheese!

After topping the patties with cheese, cover them up for a couple minutes to let that gooey goodness melt in. After just a few moments your burgers will be done, perfectly juicy and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Now all that’s left to do is lay them out on a platter and serve them up with your favorite condiments . Make sure you’re ready for the compliments you are about to receive!

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Angelica Sirotin