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Wild Game Processing

We Accept Clean, Boneless Wild Game

Oct 2- Dec 9 2023 Jan 2 – Mar 8 2024

We are unable to accept boneless wild game trim on Monday Nov 20 and Tuesday Nov 21 2023

We do not accept any bone in venison for processing, this includes whole deer, quartered deer or any wild game of any type that contains bones.

We accept your clean, boneless trimmings in food grade containers. Please no garbage bags as they are made from recycled plastic and may contain toxins.   No appointment is needed. We have a 20 pound minimum batch size.

Wild Game sausage orders placed after November 1, 2023 will be processed AFTER January 2, 2024.

50% Deposit due when placing order, remaining balance is due upon pick-up of order. Not responsible for orders not picked up within 14 days of notification.

All sausages are made using 50% your wild game and 50% Fresh Pork

We pride ourselves on providing you with quality sausage at a fair price. We vacuum package sausage at no extra charge. We work as fast and safely as possible to produce your sausage and this does take time. Average processing time can be as long as 4-6 months due to the demand for our services. We will notify you as soon as your order is ready.


2023-2024 Offerings

Minimum of 10 pounds of venison required for each sausage Nov – Feb

Minimum 25 pounds of venison during October & March

50% Deposit Required on all Orders 

All prices are per package. 

Summer Sausage 15 oz pkg $4.75

Jalapeno & Cheddar Summer Sausage 15 oz pkg $5.25

Bratwurst (no nitrite, no MSG) 4 links $4.00

Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwurst (no nitrite, no MSG) 4 links $4.50

Breakfast Sausage (no nitrite, no MSG) 1lb tube $3.50

Italian Sausage (no nitrite, no MSG) 1lb tube $3.50

Meatloaf 1lb tube $4.00

Ring Bologna (no MSG) 1 ring $4.50

Smoked Polish Sausage (no MSG) 4 links $4.50

Skin On Wieners (no MSG) 8 links $5.50

Beer Sticks 12 sticks $5.75

Jalapeno & Cheddar Sticks 12 sticks $6.25

Ground Jerky (no MSG) 8 oz $6.50

Ground Jerky shrinkage 50%

All Smoked products are fully cooked and contain nitrites.