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The Perfect Grilled Sausage Sandwich by RJ’s Meats

Gourmet grilled sausage from RJ’s Meats is a summer favorite, so here are some tips on how to make sure you get the perfect sausage sandwich every time.

Before you start grilling, make sure your grill is hot enough to cook the sausages properly. A dry and heated charcoal fire will produce a nice smoky aroma. For ease of cooking that’s hard to beat!

Your sausages should be placed well apart on the barbecue so as not to touch each other while being cooked, which could cause them to stick together. The sausages should have space to get a good color and heat.

For quick cooking, it’s best to grill the sausage on a slightly lower flame than you normally would for other food; that way they’ll be cooked through before the outside becomes charred. To prevent burning, we only turn our sausages about once during cooking.

The key is to not overcook your sausage—they’re done when you can see that the meat has shrunk back from the ends of the link and there are fine browned lines running along its length from edge-to-edge on both sides. If they still seem pink inside after being turned, just take them off the fire until they firm up or finish.

After about 10 minutes, turn your sausages over and carefully check them that all sides have a golden brown colour as this indicates they are cooked through. Remember when you do this though, if it looks like there is more than half an inch of uncooked meat inside, don’t eat it! For safety reasons only consume sausages that have turned brown on the outside.

To make sure you get perfect sausage perfection in every mouth full grab yourself a bit of bread (a nice fresh baguette will add to your enjoyment), cover one side with butter and place under the grill for 15 seconds. The butter should melt and get gooey in the grill.

Now rub your bread with a clove of garlic (or herb if you prefer) and turn it over onto the buttered side to soak up all that deliciousness!

On to the baguette, smear with mustard and add tomato slices plus whatever else you like on your sausages such as chopped onions or coleslaw. Now pile in the sausages and place under a hot grill for another 10 minutes so that they are piping hot from end to end when you remove them.

If you don’t have any fresh bread lying around just grab yourself some white ciabatta – this has so many uses it’s probably worth buying even if only to make sausages on the barbeque.

You can cut them open and fill with anything you like! You could also use an onion bagel if you prefer but then just omit the garlic butter method and stick it under the grill for 20 seconds on a medium heat – this will toast both sides, which is very nice indeed.

If all else fails grab yourself some English muffins and try to find that dark brown hole in the middle of each one – that’s where all of the flavour is – don’t miss out! So there you have it…the perfect grilled sausage sandwich recipe. Now get outside and fire up your barbeque because summer is well underway…if only we had more time? Celebrate summer every day with our meats at this link.