Philly Cheesesteak Bratwurst

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$10.00 / EACH

Six 1/4 lb links per package.

Our bratwurst are simply the best you will ever eat.
-Locally raised Black Angus Beef
-Hand trimmed and ground
-Natural hog casing
-Quality spices

Vacuum sealed and flash frozen
These links are raw and must be fully cooked before eating.

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Ingredients: Beef, Water, Swiss Cheese (Cultured milk, salt, enzymes, water, cream sodium phosphate, salt, sorbic acid(preservative), powdered cellulose (prevent caking) potassium sorbate and natamycin(preservatives ) Green Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Dextrose, Dry Molasses(molasses, wheat, starch, calcium stearate, soy flour, hydrolated lecithin), Hydrolyzed soy protein, spices, Caramel color, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder


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