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Our Employees’ Favorite Meats

Check out our employees’ favorite meats in today’s special staff favorites blog post!

Harlan— “The smoked jalapeno and cheddar brats are my favorite. I like the spice level and the ratio of cheese to meat is perfect. I always eat it on a fresh-baked toasted RJ’s hot dog bun!”

Scott— “I love our Triple B patties. The three different cuts of beef give it great flavor, and it stays juicy.”

Chelsea— “I love making bacon cheeseburgers with the Triple B patties and RJ’s Famous Bacon. Frying the burgers in the bacon fat takes the flavor to a whole new level.”

Keith— “The Taternator brats are the absolute best. Tater tot hotdish has always been my favorite, now I can have it in the convenience of a brat without having to make the whole hotdish.”

Chad— “Nothing beats our ribeye steaks. Seasoned with kosher salt, freshly cracked black pepper, and garlic powder grilled over charcoal to a perfect medium-rare is the only way for me.”

Cody— “I love our Bavarian leberkase. I like to fry a thick slice and top it with a sunny-side-up egg and sun-dried tomatoes on a toasted RJ’s hamburger bun.”

Kelly— “Western Breakfast Brats are my definite favorite. It’s perfect for breakfast while I’m camping, it’s a whole breakfast in a brat!”

Anne— “Definitely Black ‘n Blue brats cooked on the grill or Dry Cured Bacon. Both are top notch.”

Chris— “The prime Top Sirloin steak has such great flavor, especially when I grill it medium-rare and top it with fried onions and mushrooms.”

Katherine— “I love making breakfast for dinner with hash browns, eggs, and Smoked Country Sausage.”

Joyce— “I only eat RJ’s ground chuck when I eat hamburger. The BBQ Boneless Pork Ribs are also my favorite.”

Anthony— “When I eat our Chorizo it’s like a little vacation. I add it to my scrambled eggs with tomato, chimichurri, and queso fresco.”

Joe— “I’ve always loved our Old-Fashioned Skin on Hot Dogs. Especially on our fresh baked hot dog buns with diced onions and yellow mustard.”

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Angelica Sirotin