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How To Grill The Perfect Burger

The perfect burger is the best reward for a hard days work and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy this with your friends. If you’re going to go the grill your RJ’s Meats burger, we want you to have experience the perfect bite. So, here’s some advice from us on how to grill the perfect burger every time.

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need. All you’ll really need is your ingredients and an appetite. But a bottle of beer never hurt, especially when cooking for friends! Of course, you will also need your RJ’s Meats patties.

Remove your burger from its packaging. If it is still frozen, place on a plate with some paper towel. This will help draw out any moisture that hasn’t been cooked out of the burger.

Place your grill on a medium heat. A hot grill will burn the outside before you can even take a bite and a low heat will never cook all the way through. This temperature is perfect for evenly cooking everything from crust to patty.

Add salt, pepper, or other spices, as you would like. The choice is yours (but the perfect burger is always unseasoned). Adding salt or pepper will bring out the flavour in your beef, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Cook for a few minutes to allow the patty to form a crust and begin to get nice grill marks. Add your cheese if you choose to and remove from the heat. The cheese will melt quickly on a hot grill.

Let your burger rest slightly before you eat it, to allow time for your juices to reabsorb. Enjoy!

The perfect RJ’s Meats burger can be enjoyed by anyone when they know how to grill it right. So make sure you practice a few times first and get used to the grill. If you’re still not happy with what you cook, give us a call. We have been cooking up burgers since 1987 and we’ll be able to help!

Here at RJ’s Meats we believe that a great burger starts with great meat. So stop by our site and check out all our quality products to get cooking today.

Angelica Sirotin