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5 RJ’s Meats Bratwurst Flavors We Love!

RJ’s Meats specializes in many products, one of which is bratwursts! We have an entire array of different flavors to choose from, whether you like spicy, sweet, cheesy and more. Check out these five RJ’s Meats bratwursts that we love, and be sure to order yours today by clicking here.

1. Beer N’ Cheese Bratwurst

Made with only the best Berkshire Pork, Wisconsin’s finest Cheddar Cheese, and infused with the perfect balance of flavor to get that nice hint of beer, our Beer N’ Cheese links take the concept of a tasty bratwurst to a whole new level. Bonus tip: enjoy RJ’s Meats Beer N’ Cheese bratwursts with some smooth lager or ale for a complete food experience! We promise you’ll enjoy every bite.

2. Cheddarhead Bratwurst

Good ol’ Cheddar Cheese mixed with quality bratwurst is a timeless, taste-filled classic. Sure, you can top brats with cheese, but it doesn’t get much better than biting into one of these links with pre-loaded, oozing cheese. Bonus tip: try our Cheddarhead Bratwurst with your favorite mustard – it’ll really bring out that savory cheese and meat combination that will get your tastebuds raving for more!

3. Cranberry Jalapeno Bratwurst

Do you like spicy and sweet flavors? Then our Cranberry Jalapeno Bratwurst is the perfect product for you. Cranberries come with a very distinct sugar profile, giving them a special sweetness that matches perfectly with savory meat. Add a kick of jalapeno to the mixture, and you’ve got yourself one of the most sophisticated yet tasty bratwursts in town!

4. Greek Bratwurst with Feta Cheese and Olives

Transport yourself to the Greek Riviera by biting into one of our Greek Bratwursts with Feta Cheese and Olives! The thickness of the Feta cheese mingles perfectly with the Berkshire Pork, only to be complemented by olives that add another layer of flavor. Fun fact: did you know that the Greeks consume more cheese than any other people on planet Earth? But, of course! It’s so tasty, we just had to include it into one of our RJ’s Meats speciality bratwursts.

5. Supreme Pizza Bratwurst

Yes. We did it. We turned pizza into a bratwurst. Calling on all pizza lovers, our Supreme Pizza Bratwurst is a unique creation that emphasizes tastes of mozzarella and tomato to give our beef that extra oomph. Bonus tip: top your next pizza with this RJ’s Meats specialty bratwurst, and you’ll have a double Supreme Pizza experience!

At RJ’s Meats, we love providing our customers with not only top quality but innovative meats that will please everyone, from the picky eater to the sophisticated gourmand. Hungry yet? Get your hands on our specialty links by clicking here. Happy grilling, and happy Friday!

Angelica Sirotin