Braised Bread and Butter Roast
Braising meat is one of the best ways to elevate your home cooking. Not only does it result in an always juicy final product, but it will impart an irresistible aroma to your whole house. The left over juices in the pot after cooking this roast make a fantastic reduction, or if you're feeling ambitious, a great gravy!
Traditional Thanksgiving Dressing
This is a very flexible traditional Thanksgiving dressing that features sage. It's a fixture at my holiday table and I hope it will be for yours, too! If you opt to use RJ's breakfast sausage you might want to reduce the amount of dried sage added to the recipe. A half cup of your favorite white wine may be substituted for a half cup of chicken broth for a little extra character.
Cornbread and Andouille Dressing
This spicy dressing will beautifully compliment any smoked or deep fried turkey. Dice the andouille sausage smaller to allow it to crisp when you brown it, a crispy sausage adds another wonderful texture to this dish.
Apple Spice Brine
A brine is typically water and salt with a little sweet to give it flavor. This brine uses fruit juices for water providing flavor and sweet at the same time.
Original Turkey Brine
This turkey brine gets a portion of its salt from chicken stock. The combination of spices and herbs will give your turkey a rich flavor.

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