Why RJ’s Meats Summer Sausage Stands Out

July 22, 2021

RJ's summer sausage is more than summer sausage - it is summer in a casing.

Ingredients and recipes are a cornerstone of summer foods because they provide that little something extra to define summer foods as, well… summer foods. Summer sausage has the unique ability to connect the consumer with all things great about summer: sunshine, blue skies, BBQs on backyard decks, warm weather and friends. RJ’s Meats summer sausage defines summer food through its quality ingredients and preparation methods that showcase true craftsmanship. At RJ’s Meats we work hard to make sure our customers enjoy their summer season year-round by making products they can not only enjoy but also be proud to share with their family and friends.

Firstly, summer sausage was originally developed as a way to preserve meat without refrigeration. Because summer sausage is made from uncooked ground meat and cured it could last weeks or months without spoiling as opposed to other fresh meats that needed to be eaten within a few days. Summer sausages were made in summer when there was an abundance of fresh meat available and then curing them through drying techniques prevented spoilage during the colder winter months. RJ's summer sausage continues this preparation method by using only fresh meats which are combined with salt, brown sugar and spices before being slowly smoked at low temperatures for ten days over natural hardwood smoke.

Although summer sausage was traditionally made to preserve meat during summer, RJ's summer sausages are so tasty they don't need to be preserved in order to last. These summer sausages will outlast your average summer weather anyway! We use only fresh, never frozen meats and all natural ingredients you can actually pronounce to create our delicious gourmet summer sausages. Because we take time to handcraft every batch of gourmet summer sausage each batch is only top quality. Just like summer days, summer sausage seasons usually last a short time and customers need to get their hands on summer sausages before it’s too late. That is why we provide summer sausages that are perfect for the summer season but also cold weather when they can be sliced thin and served on warm buns with toppings like melted cheddar cheese, onions, jalapeños and mustard.

Summer sausages not only taste great, they are a perfect way to prevent summer from ending. This summer enjoy RJ's products responsibly while you watch the sun go down over the horizon line...and don't forget your grill!

Angelica Sirotin

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